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Reading for Pleasure Conference with Professor Teresa Cremin

*If you are already attending the TSRC, this event is included in your sessions.

It is widely recognised that children who read for pleasure improve their life chances, not just academically, but also in relation to wellbeing and relationships. So, this evidence-informed conference, drawing on research into reading for pleasure will highlight the need to nurture the habit of reading in childhood, offer practical ways forward to support the development of readers who not only can, but do choose to read and find enjoyment in the process. Teresa will highlight the rigour and responsibility needed and will explore the benefits and challenges of reading for pleasure, ways to develop richer repertoires of children’s literature and other texts, strategies for getting to know your children as readers and an effective RfP pedagogy.

22nd January 2025 - Malmaison, York - face to face: 9:15 - 3pm

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