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Meet the team

MarianMarian Buckle

English Hub Finance and Administration

Marian Buckle is the Finance Lead and Admin and has worked with the hub since the beginning of the programme in 2019. She has a strong and varied financial background and holds the MAAT professional status in accounting and finance.  

Her role involves managing the hub budget, monitoring and processing all income and expenditure and producing financial reports for the strategic board and DfE on a monthly basis. She is proud of the hub’s achievements and feels privileged to be part of such a fantastic school improvement programme. 

Louise Burtt aLouise Burtt 

Hub Admin Assistant 

Louise has many years of experience in administration and is enthusiastic about her role as part of the Hub team. Her main responsibilities include CPD event co-ordination and English Hub administration. Louise’s attention to detail, wealth of experience and ability to work diligently and efficiently makes her invaluable to the Hub in general. 

HannahHannah Burrell

Hannah Burrell is a dedicated and forward thinking Assistant Headteacher at a brand new free school in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. She is an Early Years expert with a passion for developing a love of reading and is committed to supporting every child to succeed through an engaging and play based approach to the curriculum that has high expectations for every unique child at the centre. Over the coming year, Hannah will be supporting to lead an EYFS ITT programme as well as facilitating training for the Early Career Framework.

Areas of expertise:

  • Developing early language
  • Promoting oracy and storytelling
  • Early Years pedagogy and practice
  • Reading and phonics in Early Years and Key Stage 1
  • Enabling environments
  • Supporting staff to implement new strategies and improvements in schools.

IMG_1424Lucy Everitt

Lucy is a committed and supportive senior leader based in the East Riding of Yorkshire. She is an experienced leader of EYFS, KS1 and phonics and has driven improvements in these areas. Lucy is skilled in supporting staff in her own school and in those across her academy.

Areas of expertise:

  • Mentoring and coaching trainee teachers, ECTs and RQTs
  • Parental engagement
  • Knowledge of Letters and Sounds
  • Action planning
  • Restorative practice and building a strong culture based on positive relationships

imageLaura Horsham

Literacy Specialist

Laura is a supportive and experienced Assistant Headteacher based at a Primary school in Hull, with expertise in KS1 and the development of early reading. She has experience of raising standards across the curriculum, specifically early reading. Laura leads teaching and learning in her setting and is passionate about reading and the impact this has for pupils developing as life-long learners.

Areas of expertise: 

  • Mentoring and coaching early career teachers and teacher trainees  
  • Reading and phonics in EYFS and KS1 
  • Developing and supporting colleagues and developing confidence 
  • Restorative practice and building a strong culture based on positive relationships 

imageKelly Reppold

Kelly has over twenty years teaching experience in several, large and contextually different primary schools in Hull, York and North Yorkshire. She was an Advanced Skills Teacher  and has been an English Lead for over 18 years. Having completed NPQH, she has 14 years of Headship experience, and has been Head of a school with the LA's delegated service for SEMH in mainstream schools. She currently works with both the English Hub and the North Yorkshire Coast Research School as an Evidence Lead. Kelly has expert knowledge of evidenced based approaches to school improvement, particularly literacy guidance, and facilitates training on behalf of the Research School's Network. She has completed in depth work on reading and teacher pedagogical content knowledge, fluency and reading comprehension.

Kelly's passions lie with reading, writing and speaking and listening, having worked with inner city schools as a speaking and listening expert, early on in her career. Kelly has previously delivered NPQSL and completed pupil premium reviews for schools. She has a sound understanding of contextual factors impacting schools and best practice in terms of closing attainment differences for disadvantaged pupils. Kelly truly believes that all children have an absolute right to quality first teaching, in a positive, safe learning environment.

Currently, Kelly works as an education consultant, coaching school leaders with school improvement strategy and supporting other school partners with school reviews. 

Alex NightingaleAlex

Alex is the EYFS/KS1 Teacher at our English Hub home school, Lealholm Primary. His expertise is in delivering and embedding the Little Wandle programme across all age ranges. Alex is reading leader at Lealholm, which is a Little Wandle Champion School. He is training as a Literacy Specialist this year.
Areas of expertise:

  • Delivering and embedding all aspects of Little Wandle
  • Coaching others to deliver Little Wandle
  • Running Little Wandle Live events and English Hub Showcases
  • Fostering a love of reading and poverty proofing reading for families

Claudia RekClaudia Rek

Claudia is an experienced teacher and senior leader at an Infant school in York. Leading phonics and early reading in school she is passionate about developing and nurturing a love of reading in children from a young age. Having worked as a Reading lead in a partner school, Claudia understands the role of the English hub, the support it can lend schools and the huge impact it can have on improving reading outcomes for all children.

Areas of experience:

  • Infant Schools
  • Driving improvements in schools
  • Delivering CPD to whole staff teams
  • Fostering a love of reading
  • Effective phonics practise

IMG_2447Lizzie Selway

Literacy Specialist

Lizzie is a KS1 and Senior Leader based in North Yorkshire with expertise in delivering and embedding the Read Write Inc. programme across all age ranges. With experience in teaching in KS1, Lizzie is also a phase leader and also works as a student mentor for the Red Kite Teaching Alliance.

Areas of expertise:

  • Developing early language and comprehension
  • RWI development
  • Mentoring, coaching and supporting student teachers
  • Expertise in supporting colleagues in fostering a love of reading

HannahHannah Spencer

Hannah is our English Hub Lead.

She is an experienced Senior Leader and Specialist Leader in Education (SLE) with a proven track record of supporting schools across North Yorkshire.

Areas of expertise:

  • Leadership Development
  • Action Planning Support
  • Effective Phonics practice 
  • Embedding a strong reading culture
  • Language development in Early Years

AimeeAimee Steedman

Aimee is an experienced Senior Leader and KS1 teacher based in North East Lincolnshire who is passionate about reading. Aimee is an expert in delivering the Read Write Inc programme and has a comprehensive range of experience in leading phonics and mentoring new teachers. Aimee has a particular strength in ensuring the  'bottom 20%' of children are well supported to make speedy progress to meet or excel age related expectations.

Areas of expertise:

  • Working with high proportions of Pupil Premium children
  • Effective and rigorous assessment and tracking to close gaps
  • Action Planning
  • RWI Development
  • Mentoring new staff
  • Promoting reading cultures
  • Teaching on areas of high deprivation 

LS Picture GWGemma Wall

Literacy Specialist

Gemma is an experienced Early Years practitioner and is an advocate for early communication and language development with a passion for how these fundamental skills feed into Phonics and Literacy. Gemma has gained her experience working in schools across North Yorkshire which represent the diversity within our region and also the locality. As a reading lead herself, Gemma is responsible for ensuring all learners meet or exceed expected standards whilst promoting a rich and diverse reading offer, sharing this expertise with colleagues within her own and partner schools.

Area of Expertise

  • Knowledge of pedagogy and practice in EYFS – including Nursery
  • Working with and supporting disadvantaged pupils and pupils with SEND
  • Working with stakeholders
  • Establishing practices that embed a love of reading

thumbnail_IMG_5773Jonathon Williams

Literacy Specialist

Jonathon is a dedicated and passionate Senior Leader and KS1 teacher, based in the East Riding of Yorkshire, who is passionate about early reading and developing a life-long love of reading. Jonathon has a particular strength in using literature to provide meaningful links across a primary curriculum. In addition, Jonathon is part of a wider time to deliver primary ITT programmes as well as facilitating training for the Early Career Framework.

Areas of expertise:

  • Promoting reading cultures
  • Effective phonics practice
  • Fostering a love of reading
  • Teaching in areas of high deprivation

thumbnail_IMG_9236Chrissy Yates

Deputy Hub Lead

Chrissy is our English Hub CPD Lead and Literacy Specialist. Chrissy is a knowledgeable Senior Leader with experience in middle and senior leadership, including headship. Over previous years, Chrissy has worked with the English Hub as a Literacy Specialist and has a proven track record of improving outcomes for children and increasing knowledge and empowerment of staff. Chrissy has a true passion for the teaching of reading and is driven by the belief that all children have the right to access quality education within a high challenge, low threat environment and that reading is the gateway to success for all children.

img-original-132Christina Zanelli

Strategic Lead

My background experience is working and leading in both large and small schools. My career started in a large (500 pupils) Junior school in Lincoln with 80% FSM. I went on to set up and lead an inclusion unit for 2 years within this school, which catered for children excluded from other schools. After 7 years in Lincoln I became Deputy Head of a large school in Whitby where I was also SENCO and a leading Maths teacher. I was acting head of that school for a period of time before becoming the head of a small school in North Yorkshire that was in Special Measures! After a period of 3 years we were judged by Ofsted as a good school with outstanding features, including outstanding leadership.

I became headteacher of West Cliff Primary School in Whitby in 2011, a school that had previously been in serious weakness. West Cliff is now judged by Ofsted to be good with outstanding leadership. We have a strong record of providing school to school support for both large and small schools. I am a Local Leader of Education and work for the DFE on providing tailored support to schools regarding recruitment and retention  Our school was one of the founder members of the Yorkshire Endeavour Academy Trust and I was delighted to be appointed as CEO. To support this role I have successfully completed the National Professional Qualification - Executive Leader (NPQEL) qualification. I believe passionately that all children deserve the very best education we can give them, and that we only have one chance to do that.