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It was great to share experiences about phonics and early reading.

The information given from Kelly (Ashley) was inspiring.

I now have a clearer idea of early language development and how phonics can be taught.

It was a really interesting and well-planned session giving schools lots of food for thought.

Kelly Ashley’s input was really informative and thought-provoking.

I enjoyed the school tour and seeing phonics in practice.

It was good to see how other schools implement their phonics and reading.

The presentation on the ‘word gap’ was very useful.

The event allowed me to reflect on my own practice and that of our school.

It was useful to have the chance to observe reading and phonics practice that is clearly very effective.

A most stimulating presentation with lots of ideas.

Relevant information presented by inspiring practitioners.

It was very helpful to see lots of different ideas in terms of delivery, lesson structure and activities to engage children.

As a new English Lead, it’s been helpful for me to see different approaches to phonics and spelling in KS1.

Very efficient use of time. We did lots in a short space of time.

Great ideas for closing the word gap.