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Reading Fluency Across the Curriculum

We know that reading is a vehicle for learning across the curriculum, and so we need strategies that support all children to access the texts we use to enhance their learning. This training will provide you with a comprehensive approach to teaching reading fluency that spans the wider curriculum. We will explore how to harness the impactful strategies used in HFL Education’s Reading Fluency Project, and how to artfully thread them through all subjects to enhance learning across your curriculum.

Session aims:

  • Explore practical approaches to assessment and teaching of reading fluency across the curriculum
  • Define and explore reading fluency instruction across the curriculum
  • Investigate the most effective evidence-based practices

Thursday 30th January 2025 - Online: 1pm - 4:15pm
Thursday 3rd July 2025 - Online: 3:30pm - 5:30pm

Reading Fluency Across the Curriculum Follow-up Session

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