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Reading Ambition for All: Teaching children who need the most support, including those with SEND

Evidence based leadership CPD for mainstream leaders, teachers and SENCos

The core aims of the Reading Ambition for All programme are:
  • To improve outcomes for children who need additional support with reading, including those with SEND
  • To ensure that all children receive quality first teaching based on the latest research into how children learn to read
We will do this by:
  • Building on the strong evidence base which demonstrates that all children learn to read in the same way: moving from decoding to fluency via orthographic learning
  • Using strategies underpinned by the knowledge that children with SEND are on the same learning trajectory as all other children and that we must be equally ambitious for them
  • Following extensive research that demonstrates the importance of reducing cognitive load and providing repeated practice
  • Promoting adaptive teaching for children with SEND in mainstream settings including:
  • Breaking down learning and assessment into smaller steps and teaching at a slower pace where needed
  • Using adapted materials and materials that limit distraction
  • Using strategies such as pre-tutoring, repeated practice and overlearning

Session 1 - The guiding principle of teaching SEND in mainstream schools
2nd October 2024 - Online
1 - 3:30pm

Session 2 - Understanding children’s needs; ensuring access to learning
20th November 2024 - Online
1 - 3:30pm

Session 3 - Adaptive teaching and appropriate adaptations to use in class
15th January 2025 - Online
1 - 3:30pm

Session 4 - Leading reading: High expectations for every child; using assessment to create specific and effective support using your SSP programme
19th March 2025 - Online
1 - 3:30pm

Session 5 - Supporting children with a more complex SEND
25th June 2025 - Online
1 - 3:30pm

Register Your Interest 

If you’d like to partake in the programme, please register your interest. In September, the Hub will then review all interest and contact you with regards to next steps and confirming your place.

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