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Support Early Language Development

Evidence based leadership CPD

The ‘Supporting Early Language Development’ programme is asustained, research based CPD programme aimed at EYFS & KS1 Leads.

Programme aims:

  • An understanding of a working model of language through which to observe children’s language development through
    the primary years, and beyond.
  • An understanding of the stages of ‘typical’ language development concentrating on the expected milestones that
    occur during primary years (ages 4 to 11)
  • Practical classroom skills and techniques for quality first teaching in YR and KS1 that will create skilled and confident
    classroom practitioners and improve outcomes for all children.
  • Ways and tools to identify children who may not be developing language skills as expected and ways to support those children in class.

Attend the Headteacher briefing
July 1st 2024, 4:15 - 4:40pm

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This programme is 100% recommended by previous participants!

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