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The National Curriculum recognises the interconnectedness of SSP programmes, support for language development, the use of whole texts and planned provision that promotes a love of reading. These areas all need attention to acclerate pupils’ progress in reading, enabling them to develop as readers in childhood.


The English Hubs programme aims to support excellent teaching of reading, centred on 3 priority areas; effective phonics teaching, language development and love of reading. To support schools during this time, we have prepared the following audit to help schools review their current Early Reading provision.

The audit below can be carried out by Headteachers, members of SLT, Reading Leaders and / or teachers to identify current early reading practice in your school. Please note that this is an internal audit, to accurately assure your results by a team of English Hub specialists, please complete in a self referral form and return to From there, the hub will be in touch if you qualify for an English Hub led audit, and funding to support you in achieving the targets identified.  

Self Audit Tool 2021-2022 + RfP audit >